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I'm not for consensus; I'm for conviction.

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I Was Assaulted For Wearing Google Glass In The Wrong Part Of San Francisco

The company has taken some steps to address concerns of protestors and people’s negative reactions to Google Glass. It started paying the city for the use of its bus stops. It has put out guides for Glass users on the behavior that should be avoided so that you don’t look like a “Glasshole.”

But those don’t do anything to address the underlying issues. Something clearly needs to be done to address rising housing costs and gentrification in the city — people on all sides are being forced from their homes and made to feel unsafe on the streets and on their commutes to and from work.

Google Glass foregrounds class conflict. 

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Our Cubicles, Ourselves: How the Modern Office Shapes American Life

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Rise of the middle class: lessons from Latin America

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Will Our Class Differences Tear Us Apart?

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The Creative Class Rises Again

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